BrushGenix ™

Do you struggle with your skin routine ?

Then this is the product for you. Ensure you use our electric washing face brush to solve all your beauty needs. It ensures your skin is kept looking natural and clean.

It does this by removing dry dead skin cells which make your skin appear dull as well as thoroughly cleaning deep pores. The high frequency pulsation revitalises your skin to feel soft, nourished, shiny and resilient. It is created to sustain high levels of hygiene which ensures the product resists any bacteria from staying on the brush.

Electric Cleansing Brush

Fresh and Clean

This guarantees your skin to stay fresh and clean. This design was developed to be waterproof and therefore safe to use in the shower or bath. Additionally, this product will leave you feeling relaxed by massaging your skin. It will certify that your skin Is left tougher and firmer as a result of massaging worn out skin.
It is small, compact and easy to carry around for travelling or storing away for daily use.


Brush Genix ™

Brush Genix ™

$49.99 $99.99


* It can remove all your dead skin leaving you with flawless and soft skin if you stick to the daily routine.
* It stimulates circulation which results in firmer and more defined skin.
* It is a more natural way to keep those wrinkles away instead of using anti-aging creams which contain unnatural acids.
* It’s an affordable way to keep your skin in good condition rather than constantly booking facials.

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